Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Great Plains Institute Report : Spotlight On Biogas

The Great Plains Institute has released a report on the potential of biogas in the Midwest.

This report’s purpose is twofold: one, to provide an overview of the current policy environment that supports biogas project development, and two, to examine additional policy mechanisms and reforms to current policies that could provide a framework for the increased development of biogas projects.

There are many technologies, both new and emerging, to produce biogas. This report mainly focuses on anaerobic digestion, either at the farm or industrial scale, with an emphasis on agricultural feedstocks (manure, crop resides, food processing byproducts). Landfill gas and wastewater treatment projects are additional sources of biogas production in the United States and are included in the report, but are not the main focus.

Spotlight on Biogas: Policies for Utilization and Deployment in the Midwest (PDF)

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