Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clovis Biogas Energy Plant Set To Begin Construction

Clovis Industrial Development Corporation (CIDC) is proud to announce that PolyGen Energy, LLC, a New Jersey based biogas energy corporation, will build a $22 million facility in Curry County. CIDC and the New Mexico Economic Development Department have been working with PolyGen Energy LLC and Gibbs Energy, LLC since 2006.

The company will initially construct a 180,000 ton per year anaerobic digesters for processing cow manure into biogas. Bio Energy Construction Company of Clovis New Mexico will be prime contractor for the project. The company has already secured manure contracts with area dairies.

In 2007, Gibbs Energy, LLC had announced plans to move forward with the project but ran into delays due to the downturn in the economy. The company has secured financing and is ready begin construction of the facility in the second quarter of 2011 under the name of PolyGen LLC.

Anaerobic digesters are industrial systems that harness the natural process of decomposing waste to produce biogas that can be used to power electricity generators, provide heat, and produce soil-improving material. The plants two by-products, methane and carbon dioxide, will be sold separately. The waste will then be used for fertilizer at local farms and dairies. The new plant will reduce methane gas emissions created by manure. The advantages of the project include improved air quality and improved groundwater quality.

The project will be located South of Clovis. The first phase of the project will create approximately 55 temporary construction jobs and 22 new high wage jobs. As the company expands, the employment level is expected to reach 73 full-time employees over the next 5 years. PolyGen Energy, LLC will have an average salary of $35,000 - $37,000 per year with benefits. “The project will be a great addition to our industrial base and will provide new job opportunities for the citizens of Clovis” stated Lee Malloy, President of CIDC.

Methane gas is an odorless and colorless by-product of liquefied manure. Methane is available in abundance and has a clean burning process; therefore it makes it a good source of fuel. The anaerobic process depends on methane formers. Methane bacteria function best with heat so to obtain maximum production heat must be added to a digester. The methane gas will be cleaned and distributed using the TransWestern Pipeline and the by-products will be sold as fertilizer.

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