Friday, March 18, 2011

ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. Announces Solution That Extends Life of Landfill Gas Energy Projects

ZeroPoint Clean Tech, Inc. announced an initiative to extend the life of landfill gas energy projects. Biomass gasification can extend the life and value of these energy-producing assets through on-site production of gas for existing gas engines and transmission grid connections. The ZeroPoint Renewable CHP Solution produces synthesis gas that is suitable for blending with landfill gas to operate existing engines. Preexisting engines can also run solely on the syngas produced from the ZeroPoint Solution. Project IRRs for this type of investment are as high as 30-40%. The Company's CHP Solution is optimally sized for projects producing 1 to 15 MW and was recently shipped to multiple distributed power generation projects in Europe. Additionally, the ZeroPoint biomass gasification solution produces sequestered carbon in the form of biochar as a co-product. Biochar offers a number of positive environmental and agricultural uses to sequester carbon including at landfills.

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